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December 28, 2004

SL-C860 Wireless is up

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I had been trying to use the Internet Wizard for setting up my D-Link DCF-650W wireless CF card, but everything was still in Japanese. Even working my way thru that, all I saw was WEP for 40-bit(64-bit) key, not a 104-bit(128-bit) one. This morning, instead of choosing Wizard in Settings->Network, I just did ‘Add’. A tabbed window of configuration bits appeared, all in English. Voila, on the WEP tab is a Key Type entry that includes both key sizes.

This post is being made using the SL-C860. Wahoo! I was able to use the CF card from our camera and copy a photo from it onto the Zaurus, which then used scp to bring the file over onto our Web server. (Had to Edit->Copy the image, then change the folder up to the Image Folder in the internal flash memory.)

Patrick hacks into Microsoft I found that ssh works fine for root,but tried as the default ‘zaurus’ user you get the error

debug: Waiting for server public key.
Disconnecting: Bad packet length 1349676916.

A post talks about ssh protocol 1 vs 2 being a possible cause, but editing /etc/ssh/ssh_config for that didn’t seem to make a difference. Of course once I found that root worked fine, I put off more digging for now.

The NetFront Web browser it uses doesn’t display the WordPress weblog content properly. I don’t know yet if it’s due to what’s being emitted by WordPress or if it’s the fault of the browser.

Oh, and Patrick quickly moved on from playing with the drawing program to learning the inner workings of the C860.

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