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December 4, 2004

The Christmas Tree Quest

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余艾蕾 and I have never had our own Christmas tree before. This year, because of Zoë, we wish to get one. Being the environmental extremest I am, I did some Internet research. Here are my conclusions.

The worst thing you can do is get an artificial Christmas tree. While they do prevent a tree from being cut down every year you have it, on average they don’t last for more then ten years. While artificial tree companies offer up to a fifty year guarantee, the discarded PVC tree will still be decomposing for hundreds of years after its final holiday use.

The next worst choice is a cut tree. Often these are sprayed with pesticides and other artificial stuff to keep the needles on it, but if one can find an uncoated one these will decompose well.

A permanent potted evergreen tree is a good choice, it seems these are popular in Holland, but in the United States the only pine I could find that was marketed to remain in a pot was the Norfolk Pine. The Norfolk Pine is a beautiful house plant all year around, but it is very delicate. They should be kept away from kids and pets, not a good choice with a cat and a baby. The Japanese Black Pine has been used as a Christmas bonsai tree, but can only be inside in winter for a couple days. Tree growers know what other evergreen trees grow well in pots, but don’t wish to offer them because they want to sell you a freshly cut tree every year, stupid capitalists.

By far, the most ecological choice seems to be called the living Christmas tree. Buy a tree for the yard, use it as a Christmas tree, keep it inside until spring, plant it in the yard. One more oxygen producing tree is a wonderful idea! I have a small yard, no more room for more trees let alone one tree a year. Also, what should a city dweller do?

I think I’m left with a cut tree. I hope to find a potted evergreen that that can take some roughhousing, but that looks bleak for this year.

The tree lighting issue is a no brainer, every environmentalist likes LED lights, less energy, less heat, no broken glass. I’ve looked in three stores and have not found them yet. ☹

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