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December 20, 2004

Paint, paint, go away, come again another day…

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I just finished putting on the final gloss on the white parts of our magnolia+white bathroom upstairs. When we first got our house here in Ireland, we hired someone to paint everything so we could get it out of the way. He did a shitty job in the upstairs bathroom (among other places). No primer coat on anything, meaning it’s been peeling ever since he was here.

A few weeks ago we finally decided we’d do the entire room over again. It had bothered us for years, and we weren’t going to put it off any more. Sand away the gloss from what he did, prime parts that had plaster still exposed, paint paint paint. Undercoat. Paint. More priming of the wooden step that runs the length of the bath and the box of pipes going along the floor, and they finally get painted, too. More undercoat. And the doors. And the trim. And and and…

And even finally took care of that big oval blotch of plaster up in our bedroom ceiling. It was the repair for a hole in the ceiling where the idjut builder trying to convert our attic (a long horrific story to be told another time) put his leg through the attic floor and into our bedroom.

Tonight I inhaled far too many fumes finishing the baseboards, bath step, and lots of other bits. Next time, we’re saving up and hiring someone again. 🙂 But we’re holding out for picking someone who’s referred by someone we know, not a shot in the dark using the golden pages (aka yellow pages).

E and P are both asleep upstairs (we’d both painted most of it, but today I chose to finish it instead of other things), so I’m just relaxing in the livingroom with my laptop next to a fresh pint of Guinness and some homemade raisin bread that Patrick and I made yesterday. I’ll spend a some time listening to a couple of podcasts,Daily Source Code and Rock and Roll Geek Show, then move Patrick back to his own bed so I can have somewhere to sleep. Patrick decided the center of my pillow would work, but better to be sure and sleep diagonally across my half of the bed.

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