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December 6, 2004

Hacking mags and monthly meetings in Dublin

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The magazine section of Tower Records in Dublin on Wicklow Street (I haven’t looked at the one in Easons on O’Connell Street) periodically has copies of 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly and Blacklisted! 411 Magazine. I’ve not seen or heard anything about Blacklisted! 411 in a long, long time until suddenly there it was on the magazine rack near various PC magazines. After the treat of sushi at Aya (the only sushi in this half of the country) behind Brown Thomas, I often go into Tower to see if there’s a new copy of either one. I wonder if stores elsewhere in Ireland carry stuff like this? The two magazines are never there at the same time. In fact, when I first found Blacklisted! 411 I was paranoid that Tower had decided to drop 2600, proven wrong when it was on the shelf a month or two later.

I haven’t gone to any of the monthly hacker get-togethers for 2600 up in Dublin. I worry that I’d be at least 10 years older than anyone else. Hmm, I bet there are plenty of folks my age and older who have the same concern that makes ’em chicken out. In particular, there are plenty of folks in the 1980s War Games-driven generation that still enjoy talking about cool hacks and newly-learned tricks. I’ve met plenty attending the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference and even just in idle conversation with folks I’m contracting with or friend-of-a-friend meetings.

Actually, there are a bunch of meetings I’m interested in but have a hard time trying to go to them due to parenthood constraints including the pub meetings of the Irish Linux Users Group and the Irish Free Software Organisation. Maybe when P is a little older?

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