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December 2, 2004

Reinstalling Sarge

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Maybe I’ve uninstalled Sarge from systems but I’m slowly getting them back. I’m up to eight systmes with Sarge, twenty-four mixed Debian Woody/Sarge systmes. I can actually do upgrades without worrying about breaking things! Well, Sarge is still testing, so there is a chance of breaking things.

A few weeks ago I was asked to install kgpg on one of these mixed systmes (actually another mixed system apart from the thirty-two systems above, but that’s another story) and all of KDE got upgraded at the same time, so did Samba. A week later I was told to downgrade Samba because the new one was broken. To downgrade Samba I had to remove kgpg and downgrade KDE. I got lucky because the next work day Debian put out a new version of Samba that worked.

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