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January 21, 2012

Nothing new

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Mom is at their friend’s house, resting and recuperating. She sounds good on the phone, slightly breathless, but apparently her lungs were crazygood, and her one lung has the function of 2 mortal lungs.

Yesterday they were hoping for an MRI, to see if it’s metastasized into her brain, but the place they were going to go doesn’t do MRIs til someone is 6 weeks post-surgery. So hopefully Monday, back at the hospital, I believe.

She, apparently, has the lung cancer that women non-smokers get. Iknorite? You just can’t freaking win, as one of my friends said. We are still waiting on tests to confirm that, but I think that’s what the docs believe.

Right now, they’re staying in Ft Lauderdale, but if anyone has any amazing people they should talk to, please comment below!

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