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December 14, 2009

When your clicking dead hard drive isn't actually dead

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Our LaCie 500GB Mac Mini Hub drive, now a few years old, started a horrid clicking noise recently, and wouldn’t mount. Try as I might, it just kept failing. Crap, we lost everything on it! But a bunch of posts in different places, including the Mac OS X Hints Forum, talked about the power supply causing this sort of problem—and the disk itself is fine.

Elana had the great idea of taking the physical drive out of the LaCie case and putting it in an external drive enclosure. (Cuz I’ve amassed far too much stuff.) And voila, it worked just fine! Now I just need to get a cheap 500GB disk which I can use to mirror the contents of this disk, responding to the harsh reminder of how easy it is to lose vast amounts of data.

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