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July 15, 2009

Dreams of a 7 year-old

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Elana and OE spent the night away last night, so Patrick slept on her side of the bed. This morning I happened to wake up before him (not a common occurrance, for sure). It was really cool getting to watch him sleep. I picked up my book and read for a little bit, then heard him start to make a scared, whimpering sound—in his sleep. A dog would have paws jerking in unison, the dream sending him running across a vast green field. Patrick said with his eyes still closed, “Dad, have the tables moved around in the office?”

“No, they’re still where they were,” I answered.

“Good. I want to keep the old table for a really really long time.” His movement settled, and he continued to sleep quietly for another 15 minutes or so before waking up.

Parenting can be so cool sometimes.

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