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March 14, 2009

2 year-old potty-training—himself?

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A few days ago our two year-old son was convinced a number of times that he had to use the toilet. Gestures varied but the intent was clear. Each time, nothing happened. Again.

When he believed he was finished, he stood up and pulled up his pants. He looked at me questioningly with his hand reaching back towards the toilet.

“You don’t have to flush it, sweetheart. You didn’t actually go!”

His usual response was a contemplative, “Oh!” Then a nod of agreement as he exited the bathroom.

This last time, Slow-Brain Dad stayed behind for a moment to consider what had been happening. Every one of his little sitpushnothinggetup actions was followed by a keen interest in flushing the toilet.

Tick tick tick

D’oh! He’s more interested in the fun of flushing the toilet then actually using it!

Deduction is clearly my true skill.

I wonder now if our seven year-old used the same trick. I must have blocked it from my memory.

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