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February 11, 2009

Quick, hide! The world is exploding!

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What a horrible day.

The car alarm started going off for no good reason—and is still going off now. After multiple phone calls, someone from Ford Assist is supposed to show up by 17:45 (it’s now 17:00). Hope they do. The guy on the phone was suggesting I just wait to bring it in for service tomorrow—until I said my neighbors and I would join together in bashing the shit out of the car if it was going off all night. Oh, did I mention I tried calling the place where I got the car and am supposed to take it for service—but they never answered the phone? Even once? I’m worried that they’re not there anymore, even tho we did the annual service on the car a month ago perhaps they’ve all disappeared. You know, in these difficult economic times

…and no, they bought the bank, to use a phrase I heard today. Interestingly, their cars are all going up for auction Saturday morning.

Simultaneously, the keypad for our house alarm decided to freak out. All the buttons flashing, nothing makes it shut up. A cryptic “VRKD V1.4 000” message flashing on the display. A couple of days ago the alarm went off at 23:30 for no good reason, and while E and I were looking at it we saw flashlights outside our front door. We open it, and there are three Garda in full riot gear asking if everything is okay; apparently the Panic Button of the alarm system sent a message up to them that were were in distress. … And now an hour later, the battery is disconnected in the car, and will hopefully stay quiet tho it might go off again. (And only once, Mr AA Guy said.)

So Mr ADT Repair Guy, a nice fellow, came yesterday to check the house alarm system. Didn’t find anything obvious, tho did replace the battery on the panel up in the attic. So now this afternoon it’s throwing a shit fit, and a few phone calls later I’m up in the attic pulling the power off the new battery—to no avail. Next phone call, I’m downstairs with a small screwdriver to open up the panel and disconnect the little red and black cables to cut the power to the panel. Ahhh, silence.

Of course I’m being told they don’t think they can get a new board for it—instead, did I know the Garda passed some 2-signal response thing Feb 2008 (??) so I need to upgrade my system. Mr Sales Dr0id is supposed to come tomorrow to talk about it … what a coincidence that my panel died, huh? Not to point fingers or anything…

Back to the car, Mr AA Guy was really nice and helped cut thru the bullshit on the phone with various people. I have to bring the car to the repair place over in Stillorgan tomorrow, where Enterprise Rent-a-Car will meet me with a car covered by Ford for 2 days. I doubt the car will be fixed tomorrow afternoon, but maybe Friday? Please?!

All of this is going on while I’m trying desperately to get past some nasty technical road-blocks in work that’s already well overdue. Low-level problems which involve crazy contortions to get at the source code for it to be able to know why their bug is making my program hang so much.

And tonight I have to go to a meeting at the school and mention that I’m the name they’ve seen on all of the letters about enrolling their kids in the school and it’s not my rules (but instead that of the whole Educate Together system of schools) which may have made their kid not get in.


But it’s okay.

I’ve got Elana.

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