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October 6, 2008

Numeric keypad just doesn't work under Ubuntu

Filed under: — brendan @ 11:52 IST

I’ve had the odd problem where the numeric keypad keys on my keyboard just don’t cause anything to happen. I run xev and I can see the keypress happening, but nothing appears where I’m typing.

A great blog entry by Peng Barthelmess has the workaround until Gnome does the real fix:

Go into the Keyboard Preferences (System >Preferences > Keyboard) and go to the Mouse Keys tab. Simply uncheck the box for Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard. (I know the grammar sucks on that sentence. I need to find a bug for that as well.) That will let users of Ubuntu Hardy, and other distros that use GNOME 2.22, to regain the use of their numeric keypad.

Worked like a charm!

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