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August 16, 2007

Mr. Beckham goes to Washington

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I watched David Beckham make is starting début for the LA Galaxy last night. Well, I watched the first half and went to bed, it started at 22:00 and I need my ugly sleep! I’ve read that a few days ago, in Washington, DC United defeated the LA Galaxy even after they subbed in Mr. Beckham in the second half. That was a regular MLS game, but then last night in SuperLiga, in Carson California, Mr. Becham showed his stuff. Apart from a mediocre showing in the World Cup I’ve never seed him play, and wondered what all the hype was about. In the start DC United dominated, then the unfit Mr. Beckham got tackled, he stood up with a huge grin on his face and he was on. Until Philadelphia gets a team, I’m a DC United fan, but with a goal and an assist last night I see why fútbol fans love or hate him.

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