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February 24, 2007

If he's a big brother like this at 5…

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Patrick did a couple of amazing examples of what makes him a pretty amazing big brother to two-month old Eoin.

We were getting ourselves together for a journey up to Blackrock to go shopping at the supermarket (SuperQuinn, better in so many ways than the Tesco alternative in Dun Laoghaire). I was adjusting Eoin’s car seat with its owner sitting in the pram doing a bit of fuss. Without saying a word, Patrick went over to him and started pushing the pram in circles helping calm down Eoin while I was finishing. I came out of the car and Patrick pushed the pram over to me, delivering the focus of his care.

Later, while driving home, Eoin started doing a good old cry. Patrick announced, “Tears!” Elana and I started offering reassuring comments to try to calm Eoin down a bit, and Patrick reassured us, “Don’t worry about him.  Don’t worry about him—when we get home I’ll wipe his cheeks.”

Oh my GOD, how can I put words to how much I adore him in moments like these.

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