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January 12, 2007

Blank Vee USA

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I telecommuted yesterday, an advocation I had I had not undertook for some time. For a portion of this time I left MSNBC playing in the background, the only twenty-four hour news station limited basic cable allows me. The entire hour, or so, I heard: Blå blå blå blå blå Bush. Blå blå blå blå, Bush. Blå de blå, blå blå, Condoleezza. Blå, blå blå blå blå blå, Bush. Blå blå, blå blå blå blå blå, blå Beckham. Blå blå blå blå, Bush. Blå de blå blå, Condoleezza. Bush, blå.

I started wondering, while I struggled getting the Princeton VPN to work, why did Ms. Rice always get des in her blås when Mr. Bush and Mr. Beckham didn’t? Then I pondered what Mr. Beckham had to do with Iraq. Now, after some snooping on the Internet, I just think Mr. Adu is going to kick Mr. Beckham’s ass.

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