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June 26, 2006

New Jeans

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I have been using most of my pants to work around the house, so most of them are not up to wearing to work. As construction is nearing an end, a couple of weeks ago I drove a bunch of old pants to a local church that takes old clothing donations, including all my jeans. I almost threw out my old jeans, but I thought they could be used for patches. Why patches? It seems I have big balls. All my jeans had holes right where my gonads are, I put patches on and they wore holes through the patches.

Yesterday ZoĆ« and I went to Sears, and I got two new pairs of Levi’s, 505 and 550. Today I’m wearing the 550s, so I’m sitting at work with oddly blue pants. Tomorrow, or shortly there after, I plan on wearing the 505s. The test is to see which pair wears through first. When I lived in San Francisco, Levi’s home city, I got a pair of 506 jeans, after years they had no gonad holes and I wore the the entire pair down to nothing. But Levi’s don’t make the 506 cut anymore, I think 560s are the closest that are currently made.

Maybe next time I’ll order a pair of 506s and give that the gonad test. Maybe I should give up Levi’s Jeans.

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