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June 2, 2006


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Noticing the new Ubuntu was out I went to the download page.  Like most ISO images, just under 700M. Having but 800M left on my home directory I choose to download it to the /tmp directory on the root partition, which has about 4G free. I start the torrent. As the afternoon went on, I had a healthy download and upload speed. Six o’clock, time to pick up Zoë, the torrent was done but still with a healthy upload speed. Thinking I was being nice I left the torrent running for the night….

Rain, much needed rain all night, but the drought watch continues. Thunder and lighting too. No need to water newely planted trees today. The weather man says more rain today. It’s today?

…I yawn as I get my cup of coffee, and sit at my desk. Time to try an install, /tmp in empty! An up time of nine hours. Stupid thunder and lightning, causing a blackout to reboot my computer and wipe my /tmp directory. Relaunching my torrent, slow download time and no upload time. Rats!

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