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May 8, 2006

Jordie LaForge-ish behind-the-head design.

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Headphones don’t last when I get them.  Usually the left earphone stops working.  I expect some nerves impuls drives me to tug on the cord, but nevertheless they still break.  I ended up geting the sleek Jordie LaForge-ish behind-the-head designed Logitech® Curve Headphones for MP3.  Now, months later, the earphones are still fully functioning, but not so the behind-the-head design.  The girth of my head have caused cracks to apear, and a few of them are nearing a split.  The duct tape will me comming out soon.

So, if you have a head that often XXL hats are too small, don’t get the Logitech® Curve Headphones for MP3 if you wish not to have a patch job.  For people with sane sized heads, I’d suggest it.

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