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February 28, 2006

Broadband Horror stories to Pat Kenny plz

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Just got this from IrelandOffline:

The Pat Kenny show today on Radio 1 had a representative of eircom
on-air taking questions about broadband from Pat’s listeners. The show
appeared to be snowed under with callers and emailers but Pat Kenny
had eircom commit to investigating all their issues and to get back to
Pat with answers.

We suggest that you email the problems you had getting broadband to
todaypk@rte.ie (please send a copy to info@irelandOffline.org too) and
Pat’s team will compile them into a file and send them to eircom.
Please include some contact details. In a months time we suggest you
come back to us and Pat Kenny and let us know whether anything has
been done to fix your problems getting broadband.

We’d also like to thank everyone that’s sent in a submission to the
Minister in regards to broadband availability. The closing date for
submissions is tomorrow and if you have not sent in something yet,
then we suggest you do, even if it is just a few short lines. The
Minister and the Government need to understand that there is a large
proportion of the population that are in need of broadband and cannot
get it instead of them doing their best to blame lack of interest as
the reason for the digital divide.

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