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February 2, 2006

One Way Cool Tool!

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It’s an incredible freebie Firefox 1.5 Extension called, Hyperwords™ that makes browsing the Web easier and faster than ever!

All you have to do is select (highlight) any text on a page and a menu automatically appears; click on what you want to do with that text – use it to find more info with search engines, check reference sites [eg., Wikipedia, IMDB, Share Prices, etc.], get its definition from a dictionary or translate into another language; if you’ve selected a product name or type, go shopping for it and/or do a raft of other things.

Hyperwords runs on the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of Firefox, and also works with Flock; one for Microsoft Explorer is anticipated sometime by this coming summer.

I’ve only had it for a short while but am already addicted. Do give it a whirl; it’s simply brilliant! 🙂

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