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October 12, 2005

Car Seats

Filed under: — Sven @ 14:40 IST

The New York/Philadelphia area has gotten a lot of rain in the past week, no sun since Friiday, and no sun until Monday. Today, driving to work, many little creeks where flooding roads and it took almost two hours to get to work!

The seat in the Prius started giving me back pain. Now that I’m at work, in my Herman Miller chair, my back feels much better. I think Herman Miller should start putting chairs is cars. Get rid of this horrible three inch fome covering that still holds the stench of a fart from years ago. The added thin layer will give the rear sitter more leg room, and leave the baby too far away to kick. While I don’t think the Herman Miller chair has recyclable parts, I bet the mass of unrecyclable parts would be less then a normal car seat.

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