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September 16, 2005

What a pile of Bushit

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Magda and I were looking at what her visa means (like how long can she be here, can she leave and come back, etc), and I saw this on the main page of United States Visas.

A Message from
President Bush:

“America is not a fortress; no, we never want to be a fortress. We’re a free country; we’re an open society. And we must always protect the rights of our law — of law-abiding citizens from around the world who come here to conduct business or to study or to spend time with their family.”

— 14 May 2002, President Bush Signs Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act

This is one of the biggest LIES I have ever heard/seen/known of. I mean, I WAS IN THE ROOM when the guy at the embassy told Magda that they had to assume that EVERY person who applied for a visa had to be suspected of trying to illegally emigrate. I gotta send a letter to my senators, and to my two former senators about this. I’M SO PISSED.

But it’s not like he tells the truth or anything. I mean, he can’t even talk. Look at the editing job up there. He couldn’t even say “law abiding” without thinking about it. Sheesh.

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