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August 20, 2005


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It is eleven days until September and six days until the kids go back to school. My year has sped off without me.

I made a big decision months ago to go back to school and learn web design. I’m working as a consultant doing web content management for the company that laid me off 3 years ago, and winding down my bookkeeping gig of 2 1/2 years. (I gave a four week notice the first week of July, but my replacement wasn’t found until the last week of my employment, and then she only lasted three days. So can’t I please come back to help out???) The grandfather clock has just struck midnight, and I’ve finished all my readings and quizes but not my final assignment on Unit 2 (2 of 6 units for the course). At this rate, December 21st, the deadline to finish the course, will come all too quickly.

Did I mention that I’m the fundraiser for my daughter’s Junior Girl Scout troop? They don’t only sell cookies in the spring, but magazines & nuts in the fall. And there’s talk of some other fundraiser to ensure there’s enough money for the trip they’re planning in three years. (They’ve got to sell plenty of goodies before they’re no longer small & cute, but big & pre-pubescent.)

I’ve signed Merin up for volleyball, Sean up for soccer. Sean may do cub scouts. Merin has a knitting class in mind for November. (Start by making your own knitting needles, learn to knit & they can also choose to do carding, weaving, felt making or even spinning fleece they collect from angora rabbits.) Both Sean & Merin are bugging me about playdates – they miss their friends, why am I not scheduling sleepovers?

I know I’m not alone with a busy life. It’s just that any time I try to cut something out to give me more time, or allow me to do something else, my time evaporates. I’m not a tv buff – the only show I’ll watch regularly is The Daily Show. Movies? I gotta remember to cancel Netflix since we’re not using it much. Although I do dream of getting a maid service to deal with the housecleaning, the looming kitchen remodel and the associated bills have me scampering away from that idea like an angora rabbit. Kids do the chores? Well, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily save me that much time if I have keep hounding the kids to do them.

And I’ve promised Pete that I would can my spicy vegetables this weekend.

Somewhere there are two hours a day I should be able to reclaim. If you find them, let me know where I’ve put them….

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