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August 1, 2005

Film Projectors

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I was sitting here at work cleaning up some Perl code when I started thinking about Film Projectors and VCRs. I remember being excited for a film in school only to be disappointed when in came the VCR and and not the projector. With the projector the lights need to be off in order it see what’s on the screen, not so with the VCR. With the projector one could make the screen huge, some rooms could make it six or seven feet wide! The VCR was limited to two or three feet, making it difficult to see from the middle of the room. When something went wrong with a projector the narrator would start gargling, and once in a while there was a meltdown, but there was usually a fix even if one missed a foot or two of the film. With the VCR there was only tracking problems, and getting the tape tangled brought the entire show to a halt.

Do any Zen readers have a kid in school? Are you a kid in school? Do they still use projectors in school? Film projectors are cool.

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