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February 2, 2005


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Though I have nothing interesting to say, I just could not let a Wiccan holiday I remembered go by without saying something. So Merry Imbolc.

I tried to round up a group of people at work to go to a local pub for lunch and toast Punxsutawney Phil, but I had no takers. Sigh.

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Japanese Keyboards

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Here, where I work, two Japanese gentleman are visiting to learn about one of the projects I’m on. I think I impressed them as yesterday I was given a script to demo for them a few hours before the demo. I did my best to test it in an artificial environment, but when the real demo came around in the correct environment it did not work well. The demo turned into a shell script debugging lesson, but in the end all worked out.

A little while ago, today, they asked me a Windows question. How to copy a file from the Debian system to there Windows laptop. As they where using PuTTY as a terminal I just got pscp.exe. I launced a DOS prompt and then looked at the keyboard. It was Japanese, giving up on stumbling through the Japanese directory name I had to relinquish the keyboard and dictate. Again, all went well, but the language barrier was there the entire time.

Maybe I should of just gotten FileZilla instead.

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