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January 21, 2005

11°F Out and No Heat

Filed under: — Sven @ 08:23 GMT

I called the heater company at about 07:00 EST, the lady on the phone says “somebody will be there between now and noon.” “Now,” thought I, I rushed to the window, but nobody was there. The lady on the phone continues, “remember that the roads are icy so it might take a little longer.” Nobody yet.

I was hopping to leave work a little early today to get to the market as the first snow storm is predicted to hit this area tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be a part of the Saturday morning mad rush. Last winter I went to the store once right when the snow started, the grocery market was empty, and the roads where still fine.

UPDATE: It must be getting cold in my house, the cat is cuddling with my laptop.

UPDATE 2: It’s just about noon and I have heat again!

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