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December 2, 2004

Different 90° Jacks

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In the beginning we had SATA cards that didn’t have working Linux drivers; I got different cards and all was well. Well, all was not well, to close the case we needed SATA cables with 90° jacks. We ordered eight Belkin cables for testing and again all was well.

So we ordered like twenty-two more cards for the rest of the cluster, and ninty-six more cables with 90° jacks on the end. Some where on back order, but a bunch came in and all was working. The the backorder cables started comming in, it seem Belkin changed the 90° jack, and the new ends are bigger. That extra quarter centimeter suddenly makes it so the cables really don’t fit any more! Well, they probably could squeeze in, but I think it would break something.

This all started in the beginning of June! Computers suck.

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