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October 28, 2004

The Pagan Voting Project

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Pagan’s are cool. I spend a good amount of my reading time learning about religions, and Paganism seems to be the only religion that appears to be the result of a thousands of years of looking around. No listening to some hermit living under a tree, no almost sacrificing your son, no nailing anybody to anything, no sacrificing 10,000 humans in four days; just “the last time the sun was over there I should of planted my wheat.”

I was still worried when I noticed The Pagan Voting Project. I expected it to be another liberal vote for Kerry page, or at least an anti-Bush page, but it was just a please register and vote page. Thank you witches of the United States, for trying to be fair.

To, again, quote Witches’ Voice: “when you are in the voting booth on Nov. 2nd. YOU are in Sacred Space. NO ONE will ever know who you voted for. Brand/Party loyalty, family, peer, co-worker pressure and other influences are moot. It’s Your moment, Your truth and Your choice. Vote for whom you believe will be the most honorable and effective leader and who will best represent YOUR needs and interests.”

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