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October 26, 2004

Look, feel, taste like a Mac

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With a little tweaking you can make KDE look like a Mac with the menu properly planted up at the top of the screen. I’ve never considered myself in the closet about honestly liking Macs even if my day-to-day box has been Linux for nearly 10 years. Yet this still feels like I’m exposing something about my inner self that has been put away safely for no one to see.

While we’re on the topic, MacOS should be available to the public for the x86, not just the powerpc. With the FreeBSD guts to it, I’d have a blast trying it out. I can see problems with the array of hardware that could be put onto the system in comparison to Apple’s very finite and clearly defined set they’re willing to support. But why should all hardware vendors accomodate Microsoft, maybe a bit of Unix, but never MacOS? Yeah, market share. Maybe that’s why they’re moving onto the GNU/Linux bandwagon. But it’ll take a fleet of GUI experts kidnapped from Apple for the interface of KDE or Gnome to ever touch the Mac despite everyone’s great efforts.

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