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October 21, 2004

Konqueror is WEAK.

Filed under: — brendan @ 22:22 IST

Three time now in the last two days, I’ve written a story for my blog and because of some random kestroke the KDE browser Konqueror goes running happily into an infinite loop, never to return. This most recent loss was sharing a great time I had with our 2 year-old son before dinner. Time to either download and build the latest KDE to see if it’s improved, or just stick with Mozilla Firefox and stop trying to settle with the default. It’s too frustrating to find myself trying to type a Euro symbol (Compose + ‘=’ + ‘e’) or hit Compose & another letter, only to find the browser oblivious and unretrievable.

I suppose I could make the KDE window manager no longer understand the Compose key, but that would force me to revert to doing a Copy & Paste to type a Euro symbol, a character I actually need every few days. Bleah. Fine, I’ll let Konqueror spend the night with its own interests and see if what I was writing is miraculously still there in the morning. Nighty night.

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