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October 21, 2004

Go Vote!

Filed under: — brendan @ 14:02 IST

Weird, I was going to suggest you go over to Global Vote 2004 and cast a vote for your choice in the US election. It sends you a confirmation email with a link you click to prove that you’re not fake. (This isn’t to say such a bit of hackery couldn’t be created for an infinite number of accounts casting an infinite number of votes. Or a few million, anyway.) I tried doing it first to make sure it’s working, and got “You have already voted or you are using a fake security code” when I visited the confirmation link. Heh?? No note that it needs cookies to work, though I’m hesitant to try again.

There is no obvious way, at least spoken of on their site, about how they will prove the results as being legitimate. Not just made up for release 48 hours before election day to the global media to give an extra push to one candidate over the others. But now they’ve got my email address.


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