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October 20, 2004


Filed under: — brendan @ 21:39 IST

I looked at some of the other stuff the MythWeb interface gives you when you point your browser at the tv-box. Included is MythWeather, which sounds really handy. At the moment, it shows current and upcoming East Irvine CA, including a weather.com radar shot. Wonder if it’s easily changeable? All I’ve found so far is the entry in the /usr/share/mythtv/KnoppMyth.sql file, which has the line

	  INSERT INTO settings VALUES ('locale','USCA0326','MythTVhost');

The “USCA0326” number appears to come out of an entry in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweather/accid.dat. But it’s unclear if it’s possible to change this value in any way other than manually with mysql. Maybe if I upgrade the MythTV software on my system to the 0.16 version released on September 20th, it’ll be as integrated as the release notes suggest and this sort of change would be easy? Another day…

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