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June 3, 2004

I²C Woes

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My I²C woes continued today. I have twelve SUPER X5DPA-GG systems with HighPoint RocketRAID 1820s. HighPoint provides an “OpenBuild”, currently v1.02, but this doesn’t build on Linux kernels above 2.6.3. I need I²C working because these machines are in a room with a history of AC problems. The SMBus devices on the SUPER X5DPA-GG don’t work with the I²C drivers from the 2.6.3 kernel, but with the 2.6.6 kernel do.

After I submitted a support request to HighPoint, I set of finding my own solution. I got lucky. I simply replaced the I2C directory in the 2.6.3 kernel source tree with the one from the 2.6.6 kernel. Reconfigure and rebuilt the kernel, and it works like a charm!

I hope HighPoint gets back with a new driver. Hopefully this time they will open source it and not just “OpenBuild” it. Whatever “OpenBuild” means. I might of tried to fix it myself if it was open source.

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