The Kids on the Web: Safety on the Net

There are a number of software packages available that try to help keep children safer on the Internet. While there is no ideal solution, as with life in general, the packages help take a first step to protecting children in Cyberspace. The software currently available includes:

If you know of other packages, please let me know. is the home of, and ( They help people of all ages with anything that can go wrong online, from con artists, identity thieves, predators, stalkers, criminal hackers, online fraud, cyber-romance gone wrong and privacy problems.
To do better than hit-or-miss in deciding which of the filter approaches might be best for you, look at, recommended by Focus on the Family and is non-profit: I've been told it does not sell the filters that it reviews. (If there are other places that do similar reviews and ratings, please tell me about them.)
One project of interest, the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS), has the goal to help develop technologies that will give users of interactive media, like the Internet, control over the kinds of material to which they and their children have access. (This set of pages has a PICS rating inside it, by the way, to make it clear that it's safe for kids to visit.)
The CyberAngels are an all-volunteer Internet patrol and monitoring project whose mission since 1995 is to be a Cyberspace ``Neighborhood Watch''.
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