The Kids on the Web: Pen Pals

A special note to kids: as with doing anything online, you should make sure to let your mom or dad, or whoever takes care of you, take part in any online penpal exchange. They'll enjoy meeting the people just as much as you, and can also help guide you through this complex world, finding people with interests and hobbies the same as yours. Don't do this stuff alone! Share in the fun. :-)

Featured site: ePals  [new]

ePals is the world's largest and fastest growing online classroom community! Join the ePals community for free and connect with more than 16 million students and teachers in 200 countries and territories. Features instant language translation, safe and protected, monitored email and blogs, online collaborative projects, and more.

KIDLINK is a grassroots project aimed at getting as many children in the age group 10 to 15 as possible involved in a global dialog. In particular, learn how to be a keypal with others. Since the beginning in 1990, over 70,000 kids from 94 countries on all continents have participated in their activities. The primary means of communication is electronic mail (email), but it may also be ordinary mail, fax, video conferencing, ham radio, or whatever.
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