Alice's Virtual Restaurant

The Web is a wonderful research tool! That's especially true for anyone who writes for a living; and write for a living, I do. There's no end to the invaluable resources I've discovered while rummaging across the Web, whether doing some generalized on-line lookups or working on a project for a business client. So, it seemed only fair to share some of the great sites I've found; hope you also find them handy [more will be added from time to time].

By the way, if you were trying to find a restaurant when you landed here, check out the FoodWeb list of National and International Dining Guides. The title for this page was chosen for a few other reasons: my name's Alice Kehoe, I love cooking so much that some friends have called my place Alice's Restaurant, and I'm an admirer of the fabled Arlo Guthrie.

Note: A sincere effort has been made to ensure that every resource listed here is Safe and Family-Friendly.
Still, there's no substitute for any child's Number One Friend, the grown-up in his/her life.
Surfing the Web is never more fun than when you Surf together!

No personal information of any kind is ever collected from this site, nor will any ever be collected.
Always check the Privacy Policies on sites your children use and caution them to
never reveal personal without your permission.

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