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 BrowseIreland [well laid out directory/search engine; good resource]

 Curratech Directory [super selection of evaluated Irish and international sites; replaces the discontinued Irish Lynx]

 Destination Ireland [large, categorized travel and business guide]

 Directory of Irish Links [a small, but varied collection from the folks at Irish Food]

 Doras [well-known directory/search engine; now accepting only paid Directory listings/updates]

 E-Search [Ireland's email directory; search by a personal and/or business name]

 FindItIreland [very good search engine/directory; clean, organised layout]

 GetFavourites Irish Links [purposefully limited collection of individually selected links; superior]

 Hibernalia [nice collection of Irish and Irish-interest links; well worth taking a look]

 ieSearch [search for any site in the Irish (.ie) domain or look for it in the directory]

 INTO Educational Sites [marvellously rich! from the Irish National Teachers' Organization]

 Ireland Information [good directory of Irish sites, plus search engine and free downloads]

 Ireland Now [just chock-a-block with detail on every topic imaginable; big!!]

 Ireland on the Net [ever-growing collection of Irish sites; neat]

 Ireland On-Line [includes The Irish Abroad, linking Irish people around the world]

 Ireland and Things Irish [massive collection; one of the finest; a bit slow but worth it]

 IreLingus Irish Links [huge and varied; truly excellent; part of Irish Poetry site]

 Irish and Celtic Thingies [by Pat Murphy - one of the best, most complete resources!]

 Irish Links Page [cool collection from the equally cool and informative Clan Cian/Carroll site]

 Irish Lynx [has been discontinued; but its replacement, The Curratech Directory, is even better!] [constantly updated - for real - well categorised directory and fast searcher; altogether superior!]

 Irish Sites [good directory/search engine; nice, clean design, well worth visiting]

 Local Ireland [ very cool site, rich in content and links to Irish communities]

 Lycos UK & Ireland [regional version of the popular search engine]

 NiceOne[pretty good search engine/directory; a bit slow]

 Searc's Web Guide [ever-growing index of preselected sites; free research service, too!] [contains a database of all IE domain sites plus other relevant Irish sites]

 StudentNet [extremely rich and useful; by students of Lucan Community College]

 Swift Guide to Ireland [superb directory/search engine; "swift" as in fast; not the Dean :-)]

 The Irish Links [varied selection, reviewed and rated by the people of]

 Yahoo! UK & Ireland [famous directory's regional version]

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