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June 22, 2009

Random info on surviving HughesNet satellite Internet access

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You can telnet to to get the HN7000S’s vxWorks command prompt; for username do brighton and password do swordfish. Or telnet to on port 1953 to get the menu interface.

Browsers can use the HN7000S box as a proxy to get traffic accelerated quite a bit by configuring to use port 87 as the HTTP proxy (In the past some things have failed when going through this, though, but we don’t have any notes yet on what those were.
). In the list of exceptions to using the proxy, remember to put itself there, as well as ‘localhost’ and, at least. I added our local subnet as well with so I can properly visit the various access points, etc.

If SSL traffic is so slow as to be unusable, try configuring your browser to use a proxy for SSL also: host is and port 3128. It’s not necessarily faster under normal circumstances.

Make sure anyone using your connection has DISABLED any operating system updates on their computer. Laptops which download Mac OS X updates, for example, will slam you to exceed the 24-hour download cap and make you suffer for 24 hours at ~30kps cuz of the (un)Fair Access Policy.

To get at the advanced configuration page, point at the URL

The status page at

has a Diagnostics Code value like
You can visit

and put in the code from the status page. This will give you an explanation for why each of the particular bits are set to make up that series of numbers, with the values covering the most recent hour, 1 hour later, and 2 hours later.

Best Father's Day activity

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I had the best Fathers Day experience this morning: at the hotel in Portland Maine after landing from Ireland, I took our two boys (ages 7 and 2) to the hotel’s pool for an hour. Lots of playing and laughing by all of us. Walking from the pool to start the process of heading up to Islesboro, Patrick, the 7 year-old, said enthusiastically, “That was SO much FUN!!”

It sure was.

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